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Backfill Pool is offering general Data Protection Regulation training course GDPR (EU) 2016/679.  The course will help professionals, business leads and members of every organisation to understand the legal and regulatory requirements, the roles and responsibilities of data controllers and processors, the rights of data subjects, how to demonstrate compliance, how to secure personal data and handle breach notification starting from 25th of May 2018 and thereafter.


Backfill Pool Limited is offering GDPR compliance training starting from 7th of April 2018. Course duration is a total of 12 hours in 4 days spread over 2 weekends (Saturday and Sunday) for the discounted price of £450.

Limited availability confirmed for the following training Schedule:

• 7th of April – 15th of April
• 21 of April – 29th of April
• 5th of May – 13 of May
• 19th of May – 27th of May

Venue: Microsystems International training room, 44 Watford way. Hendon, London NW4 3AL. 02082023888

During the course, learners will engage in different activities including surveys, assignments, discussing views, and testing understanding with quiz questions.

At the end of the course you should be able to:

• Identify the reasoning behind and the coverage of GDPR.
• The key concepts and principles of the GDPR.
• The data protection roles and responsibilities.
• Understand the rights of data subjects.
• How to respond to breach and conduct notifications
• Create data protection policies, processes and procedures.
• Assimilate the enforcement and compliance mechanisms and how to complete international personal data transfers under the GDPR.
• Understand the obligations of data controllers and processors and controls required for complying with the GDPR.


• Unlimited access to the course material on training server.
• A Certificate of Achievement: To help you demonstrate your learning we will send you a Certificate of Achievement after assessment.

Part 1
  • What is GDPR, What is personal data (PII)
  • Introduction and scope.
  • Data controller, data processors and subject data
Part 2
  • Principles of GDPR
  • Subject data rights and consent
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment, Notification & data transfer
Part 3
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Obligations, Contracts, BCR, SCC
  • Penalties, Securing data
  • Demonstration of compliance
Part 4
  • Policies, processes and procedures
  • Supervisory authorities, Organisation chart
  • Accountability and Automatic decision processing
  • Assessment test


  • Clear and simple course documentation.
  • Highly experienced and qualified data protection and data security management expert tutors
  • Assessment examination
  • Refreshments

Who should attend?

We welcome and encourage attendance from anyone who wants to understand the General Data Protection Regulation regarding compliance, cooperation with the supervisory authorities and demonstration of compliance. The course is for data protection professionals, business owners, contractors and anyone with interest in GDPR or processing personal data of EU residents outside EU. Every organisation needs to understand how to secure personal data appropriately and how to prepare for breach of confidentiality, and integrity.

The GDPR training is highly recommended to:

• Board members and Directors
• Privacy and data protection managers
• IT managers
• Contractors
• Project managers
• Risk and compliance managers
• Finance officers
• HR manager and recruitment managers
• General public


Time Table:
Time 7 April 8 April 14 April 15 April
1000 – 1300 Part 1 Part 3
1400 – 1700 Part 1 Part 3
1200 – 1500 Part 2 Part 4
1530 – 1830 Part 2 Part 4


Time 21 April 22 April 28 April 29 April
1000 – 1300 Part 1 Part 3
1400 – 1700 Part 1 Part 3
1200 – 1500 Part 2 Part 4
1530 – 1830 Part 2 Part 4


Time  5 May 6 May 12 May 13 May
1000 – 1300 Part 1 Part 3
1400 – 1700 Part 1 Part 3
1200 – 1500 Part 2 Part 4
1530 – 1830 Part 2 Part 4


Time 19 May 20 May  26 May 27 May
1000 – 1300 Part 1 Part 3
1400 – 1700 Part 1 Part 3
1200 – 1500 Part 2 Part 4
1530 – 1830 Part 2 Part 4



Limited availability, register now.
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For further enquiries email Backfill pool at or call 02035611866 or Microsystems International at 02082023888.


We also offer the following data protection and security services

  • On-premise GDPR training for small, medium and large organisations.
  • Data mapping.
  • Data security controls and countermeasures
  • Data Protection Officer outsourcing services.
  • Risk analysis, Data protection impact assessment and data protection audit.
  • Creating Policies, processes and procedure.
  • Data security penetration test.

Prices are available on request.


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